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Cedar Rapids' diverse industries requires tailored transportation solutions.

Cedar Rapids has always been an agricultural and food processing city. Home to manufacturing companies such as Quaker Foods, Nestle, Tyson, and ConAgra, the city supplies food products all across the country. Cedar Rapids has also recently developed a technology corridor for companies in the electronic manufacturing and electrical industries. 

Expedited Freight Cedar Rapids

Expedited Freight Cedar Rapids To keep business operations running, freight has to get out on the road immediately, as companies turn to Expedited Freight for reliable solutions.

Expedited Freight provides exclusive urgent ground and air solutions to companies throughout Cedar Rapids, Iowa as well as in Waterloo, Iowa City, Dubuque, and in Eastern Iowa. We move time critical and emergency freight of all shapes and sizes to its destination anywhere in the region and across the country.

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Expedited Freight Company Cedar Rapids

  • Our dedicated vehicles provide point-to-point delivery Cedar Rapids to warehouses, construction sites, processing plants, and even to the airport. Wherever the freight needs to go, we provide a nonstop trip to get it there.
  • We have vast 10,000+ vehicle fleets consisting of tractor trailers, large straight trucks, small straight trucks and sprinter cargo cans. We match the size of the freight to the appropriate vehicle to help cut down costs and to ensure a safe delivery process.
  • Each vehicle is for exclusive use as only one customer's freight is placed on the truck. This strategy eliminates the need for multiple delivery stops and speeds up the transportation process. To provide long distance expedited delivery Cedar Rapids, we have team drivers who go with the shipment to keep it moving on the road.
  • Our transportation services are available around the clock as we have vehicles standing by during and after business hours. We can pick up the shipment typically within 2 hours after your call. We can perform same day, overnight, next day, and two-day deliveries based on the distance to the destination.
  • If a company requires faster transportation solutions, Expedited Freight has it covered with air cargo and air charter services. Our scheduled air cargo option will consolidate the freight with other shipments as it will be flown out to the destination airport. Then we perform the final delivery service. Our air charter option involves booking an exclusive plane to fly out emergency and time-sensitive freight.

ExpeditedFreight.com | Cedar Rapids, IA

Expedited Freight Cedar Rapids Iowa

Agri-based biotechnology, food processing, and manufacturing companies in Cedar Rapids sometimes need rapid transportation of pallets, crates, equipment and machinery. Expedited Freight offers the dedicated and reliable solutions to overcome any logistical hurdle. We can move shipments anywhere in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Whether there is a full load of processed food or an LTL shipment of electronic parts, we provide the exclusive vehicles needed for fast and safe delivery. Contact our agents today to learn more about our services and to receive a free quote.

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