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Quad Cities business community benefits from rapid logistical solutions.

Davenport Illinois, along with Moline and Rock Island, form the Quad Cities metropolitan area as their shared economic prosperity is due to its booming manufacturing industries. The area creates a wide array of products including military equipment, construction equipment, processed food, processed lumber, metal products, and cement products. Davenport, IL also has a retail and wholesale trade center that require logistical solutions to move and ship products to specific destinations.

Expedited Freight Company Davenport B2B Commerce

Expedited Freight Davenport When freight has to get out on the road immediately to keep a company's supply lines operating, Expedited Freight Davenport has the vehicle fleet to handle the shipments. Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers can select from ground to air options based on their shipping needs.

Expedited Freight has developed unique logistical strategies for the Quad Cities area as well as for the Clinton and Galesburg, IL regions so shipments will reach their specific destinations for quick delivery.

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Premium Expedited Freight Davenport Services

  • Dedicated Ground Services: Our company has a vast fleet of transportation vehicles standing by to pick up orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer large tractors and straight trucks as well as small straight trucks and sprinter cargo vans. We provide point-to-point delivery anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico as team drivers work together to drive the vehicle nonstop to the destination. Our drivers are professionally trained to load and secure all types of freight so it makes a safe trip.
  • Available Air Services: Expedited Freight also can provide air transportation services for those shipments that need faster logistical solutions. We can place freight on scheduled cargo flights with other consolidated freight to get it to the location as we also perform the last mile delivery services once the plane lands. If a business has emergency or time-sensitive freight that can't wait for a scheduled flight, we also provide air charter options. We will book a pilot to exclusively fly the shipment to the destination.
  • Exclusive Logistical Strategies: Our expedited delivery Davenport takes in mind the customer's budget as we provide cost-effective solutions for their budgets. To save on costs and speed up transportation of your shipments, we match the size of the freight to the shipment. So a customer is receiving a truck that is the right size as they won't have to pay extra transportation costs. In addition, each truck is for exclusive use so only the customer's freight is loaded up for delivery. So the business owner can load up the truck with as little or as much freight as they desire.

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Expedited Freight Davenport Iowa

Whether the shipment is moving across town or across the country, Expedited Freight will get it delivered for same day, next day and two-day delivery. Contact us for more information.

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