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Minot, ND attracting new industries requiring priority freight services.

For the city of Minot located in North Dakota, this location strives to create a diverse business structure by offering unique economic opportunities for businesses. The top industries today in the region are agriculture, distribution, energy and unmanned aerial systems. Such large and small corporations require expert expedited delivery Minot. Here at Expedited Freight, we provide rush transportation services for freight shipments that are urgent, emergency and time sensitive so they will get to other business locations for same day, overnight or for next day freight delivery.

Express Trucking Solutions

Expedited Freight Minot Expedited Freight works with commercial clients from all industries whenever they need to move shipments in-between work operation locations or when delivering shipments to customers.

Whether a delivery has to go to a warehouse, business office, construction site or processing facility, we will get it delivered. No matter what time of day a shipment appears, we can get it to any destination in the United States, Canada or Mexico.

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We handle small and large freight that consists of:

  • Emergency freight
  • Time critical & time sensitive freight
  • Urgent shipments
  • Late shipments
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) freight

Expedited LTL and Full Truckload Delivery

Our expedited freight company Minot provides point-to-point ground transportation and air express services. We have drivers available around the clock to transport shipments across the city of Minot or across the country.

Expedited Freight Ground Minot

Our expedited freight services Minot include:

  • Exclusive Ground Transportation Services: Our company has a 10,000+ carrier fleet consisting of sprinter large cargo vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and tractors. Every vehicle is for exclusive use as only one customer's shipment is loaded on the specific vehicle. This strategy speeds up the transportation process as the vehicle can make a nonstop trip directly to the destination. To provide additional cost savings, we will match the size of the freight to the right truck or van so our customer doesn't have to pay for a vehicle that is larger than they need. If the shipment has to travel long distances, team drivers will accompany the shipment as they will take rest shifts in the vehicle so that the truck doesn't have to stop for breaks.
  • Express Air Transportation Solutions: When express deliveries have short time schedules yet have to travel long distances, Expedited Freight Minot offers air cargo and air charter services. We will pick up the shipment and take it to the airport as the freight will go on a consolidated scheduled commercial cargo flight, or if the customer needs even faster delivery service, we can book a pilot who will exclusively fly the shipment to the destination. When the plane lands, our drivers will be waiting to take the shipment to perform the last mile delivery service.
  • Exceptional Customer Services: Here at Expedited Freight Minot, we understand that shipments can appear at any hour. So our agents are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help our B2B customers. They will dispatch drivers, provide real-time alerts, and offer follow-up work to our customers. If our customers have a transportation hurdle where they must get their shipment to a destination for same day, next day or overnight freight delivery, we have the transportation solutions and vehicles to get the job done to meet the customer's schedule.
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Expedited Freight Company Minot

Expedited Freight Bismarck North Dakota

It doesn't matter where your freight has to go in Bismarck, North Dakota or across the country. Expedited Freight can get the shipment delivered to the business location for same day, overnight and next day delivery. Reach out to our agents today to discuss your transportation options and to receive a quote.

Expedited Freight Locations for North Dakota:

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