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Knoxville's diverse economy requires expert transportation solutions.

Companies in Knoxville provide a wide variety of products and services to vendors and other businesses to keep operations running. Here in Knoxville, the mining industry has played a paramount role in the city's economic growth for generations, with retail trade, food services, and healthcare creating strong communities. Although the economy is diverse, what all of these companies require is expert transportation services when moving emergency and urgent freight. Expedited Freight Knoxville is your trusted expedited freight carrier offering the B2B logistical solutions for your shipping needs.

Expedited Delivery Knoxville B2B Solutions

Expedited Freight Knoxville Expedited Freight is the premium expediting trucking service for companies throughout Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Farragut, Kingsport, Greeneville, and Johnson City. Whether it is heavy machinery that needs to be delivered to the mining site, or time sensitive freight that has to get to the University of Tennessee campus, we are the hot shot expediting company that can get it there when businesses have tight schedules.

Our services are designed to handle emergency, urgent and late freight shipments that have to get to their destinations that same day, the next day or within two days based on the distance. We provide reliable ground and air transportation services so companies get their freight throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

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Expedited Freight Company Knoxville

We get your urgent shipment expedited to its destination with our transportation services.

  • Point-to-Point Ground Transportation Services: Our expedited freight company Knoxville provides a vast carrier fleet consisting of sprinter large cargo vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and tractors. We handle both full truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments as each vehicle is for exclusive use. Only our customer's freight is loaded onto truck as it goes on a nonstop trip to the destination.
  • Scheduled and Exclusive Air Transportation Options: Knoxville business customers who are looking for faster delivery for their shipments can request for our air transportation solutions. We will get your freight to the airport for scheduled consolidated air cargo delivery or for exclusive air charter services. When the freight lands at the airport, we will provide the last mile delivery work.
  • Freight Size Matching: To lower transportation costs for our customers, we will match the size of their freight to the right vehicle. So customers won't have to pay more for a larger vehicle that isn't right for their shipment.
  • Dedicated Services: Our company is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as our agents are standing by to take orders and answer questions. When an order comes in, our drivers are dispatched immediately as they will arrive within 2 hours to pick up the freight for immediate delivery. When shipment orders have to go long distances, team drivers are dispatched to ensure the truck goes nonstop to the destination.

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Expedited Freight Knoxville Tennessee

With our fast delivery services and reliable staff, Expedited Freight will get your shipment to its destination for same day, next day or two-day delivery. Call us today for more information.

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