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Salt Lake City's central location in the western U.S. makes it an ideal transportation hub.

Known as the "Crossroads of the West," Salt Lake City in Utah has flourished due to its transportation industries. Companies can easily move freight from manufacturers and warehouses to other locations across the country. The economy has also grown due to its abundant tourism and healthcare industries. With so many shipments moving to and from the city, companies require trusted long haul trucking services to meet deadlines and supply chain schedules. 

Expedited Freight Company Salt Lake City

Expedited Freight Salt Lake City

Expedited Freight Salt Lake City provides the B2B commercial freight transportation options that companies need to keep operations running smoothly. Our expedited carrier services can ensure commercial shipments will reach their destinations that same day, overnight or the next day anywhere in the United States, Mexico and even Canada.

Commercial customers require specialized and tailored freight delivery for their shipments. If even one crate or piece of replacement equipment doesn't reach its destination, it can hamper operational processes as well as make their services unreliable to other business partners. Here at Expedited Freight, we focus on providing the fastest priority freight shipping processes to get all palletized freight, heavy industrial machinery, small equipment and even single crates to their destinations.

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Benefits found with our express freight logistical solutions:

  • Around the Clock Availability: Our expedited delivery Salt Lake City drivers and agents are available 24 hours a day, for 7 days a week. When a customer calls, an agent will be the single-point of contact. They will handle all the customer's needs, from placing in the transportation order to providing follow-up work.
  • Point-to-Point Ground Delivery: Our Expedited Freight Salt Lake City drivers are standing by with vehicles stationed across the country. They will arrive to load up the freight within two-hours (depending on the distance). Then the drivers will travel nonstop to the destination. Two drivers are used for long distance trips as they will take sleep breaks in the moving vehicle.
  • Large Carrier Fleet: Need a sprinter cargo, small or large straight truck, or a tractor for the shipment? We have a vast 10,000+ fleet for commercial shipments. In addition, we use a size matching system to place the freight on the right vehicle based on its size. So customers can save money on transportation costs.

Air Cargo and Air Charter Services

Commercial customers can also select expedited air cargo and air charter services. Let our expedited freight company Salt Lake City place the shipment on either a scheduled consolidated air cargo flight or a booked air charter plane to get the freight to the destination in the fastest time possible.

Expedited Air Freight Salt Lake City
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Express Freight Services

Our expedited delivery Salt Lake City is ideal for most commercial industries and freight sizes. Whether it is just a single crate or multiple palletized freight shipments, our drivers will offer the best logistical solutions.

We will deliver to any commercial location, including warehouses, construction sites, industrial parks, business offices and processing facilities. Simply tell us where the B2B shipment has to go, and we will get it there.

Expedited Freight Ground Salt Lake City

Types of shipments that we handle include:

  • Time critical freight
  • Late shipments
  • Time sensitive freight
  • Emergency shipments
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) freight

B2B Expedited Carrier Services

Expedited Freight Salt Lake City Utah

Reach out to Expedited Freight Salt Lake City to obtain the commercial B2B freight carrier services that your company requires. We will get the shipment to its destination using same day, overnight and next day logistical solutions. Speak with our agents today to set up a transportation order and to receive a quote.

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Expedited Freight Locations for Utah: