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With the moniker “Rocket City,” Huntsville, Alabama is known far and wide for its contributions to human travel.

The town hosts some of the most advanced aerospace industries in the world; these industries have in turn contributed resources and expertise to other business fields, such as automotive production. The result is a thriving economy with a large supply of lucrative jobs for workers of all skill levels. ExpeditedFreight.com contributes to this economy, offering the expedited shipping services needed to bring in supplies and send out finished products.

Expedited Delivery Expertise in Huntsville, Alabama

Expedited Freight Huntsville As an experienced expedited freight provider, ExpeditedFreight.com has long helped communities like Huntsville deal with their logistical challenges effectively. Among these challenges, none are more serious than the need to uphold safety while still delivering at maximum speed. Aerospace production facilities work on tight schedules, as do manufacturers like the upcoming Toyota-Mazda joint plant. Yet these same facilities cannot allow their supplies to be damaged while they are on the road, as faulty supplies will cause them to produce unsafe products.

They thus demand that their carriers deliver both quickly and safely, but few carriers have the resources or expertise to do this consistently for all Huntsville clients.

ExpeditedFreight.com has no shortage of resources or expertise. Operating in Huntsville proper, the Woodlands, Bryant, Conroe, Baytown, Pearland, Galveston, and Sugar Land, we maximize speed without any reduction in safety.

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We are able to maximize speed and safety through:

  • Planning - The key to minimizing delays and damage is to find a route that avoids both. At the outset of each new delivery, we explore multiple possible paths to your destination. In picking one, we seek to find the shortest route that does not require us to drive on bumpy roads, navigate traffic, or deal with severe weather. We thereby keep delivery times short without putting your items or our drivers in danger.
  • Securing - Once we have planned the route, we load your goods and send them on their way. Rather than make you share a vehicle with other customers, we provide dedicated shipping services, with a truck or van reserved just for you. We can thus load any equipment that is necessary to protect your goods against damage in transit. We also assign two drivers to the vehicle so that they will be able to stay on the road at all times while still being fully rested.
  • Monitoring - Safeguarding your goods doesn’t end with the planning and loading process. When your order is on the road, we use sophisticated tracking to keep an eye on it. We also look ahead on the route to see if there are any delays or sources of damage coming up; if there are, we contact the driver and inform them of an alternative route to take.
  • Reporting - While we’re delivering, our customer service team can give you a report on your order’s location. Simply call our 24/7 service number and we’ll tell you where your goods are as precisely as possible.

ExpeditedFreight.com | Huntsville, AL

Expedited Freight Huntsville, Alabama

For more information or for a free quote on express trucking services in Huntsville, Alabama, visit ExpeditedFreight.com or call (256) 293-4500.

Call (704) 660-9000