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Located on the southwestern coast near the border with Mississippi, Mobile, Alabama has always understood the critical role of logistics for economic success.

The Port of Mobile continues to provide a steady stream of trade through this town, laying an economic foundation that has since given rise to manufacturing, tourism, and a range of other industries. ExpeditedFreight.com aids this vibrant economic mix by contributing swift, safe logistics services. An expedited freight company with a unique appreciation of Mobile’s shipping needs, we provide local businesses everything they need to keep production running smoothly and profitably.

Express Trucking for Mobile’s Myriad of Businesses

Expedited Freight Mobile Part of Mobile’s recipe for success has been its ability to master small but critical industries. Consider the town’s role in the automotive industry. Mobile produces lubricants, chemicals, and other materials that are essential for manufacturing safe, efficient vehicles. This makes the city indispensable for companies like Honda, which relies on Mobile to supply other facilities across the Yellowhammer State.

Because companies like Honda must ship items out of the Mobile area, they need local roads to be clear and carriers to be free for deliveries. But this isn’t easy given that they need to share the roads with the more than 400,000 people living in the Mobile metropolitan area, as well as with other companies that need items brought into or out of the region. It is thus a constant struggle to get items from Mobile on tight schedules, especially if those items are delicate and need to be shipped with care.

ExpeditedFreight.com has no trouble shipping even the most fragile items on difficult deadlines. Our express freight team provides deliveries into and out of Mobile proper, Pensacola, Pascagoula, Biloxi, Gulfport, and Bay Minette.

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No matter what you’re shipping or when you need it, you can trust us to deliver it on time:

  • Dedicated Shipping Strategy - ExpeditedFreight.com will earmark a truck or van for your order rather than requiring you to split the vehicle with other clients. This lets us avoid going to other destinations before we make it for yours, thereby speeding up the delivery. It also simplifies the use of storage equipment, helping us move your items safely even if they are highly perishable or fragile.
  • Team Driving - To further bolster our safety standards, we require two drivers to operate each truck, except on the shortest of deliveries. The drivers alternate between resting and driving. This means they are able to keep the vehicle on the road all night, yet neither will be too fatigued to drive safely.
  • Planning & Tracking - At the start of each delivery, we find the quickest, safest route from your starting point to your destination. We then dispatch a truck from the closet point in our coverage network, which spans all major US and Canadian states and provinces. We track the truck along the way to avoid delays and damage, and get your goods to you as quickly as possible.

ExpeditedFreight.com | Mobile, AL

Expedited Freight Mobile, Alabama

To explore our expedited delivery options, contact our 24/7 customer support line or visit ExpeditedFreight.com today.

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