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Jacksonville's major import-export operations is the heart of the Florida economy.

Jacksonville is an economic hub for both national and international businesses. Its deep water port, three seaports, four airports, large rail system and major interstates allow manufacturers to move and receive products anywhere in the world. Major industries in the region include aviation, automotive parts, paper and pulp mills, naval military operations, retail and construction. All these industries look for expedited delivery Jacksonville for their products.

Expedited Freight Company Jacksonville

Expedited Freight Jacksonville Due to the many transportation options that may be employed, companies are receiving freight from air, ground, rail and boat methods. This freight needs to be delivered to its final destination in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Lakeside, Brunswick, Ormond Beach, Gainesville and Palm Coast. To avoid delays, our expedited freight Jacksonville company is ready for their business calls as we provide dedicated expedite trucking services. We handle the freight that simply can't sit in the warehouse, construction site, rail yard or marine dock.

As a premiere expedited freight carrier service, we drive urgent, emergency and late shipments to their destinations by offering reliable and safe transportation services. So automotive parts that need to get to the factory or equipment that has to arrive at the pulp mill will get there for same day, next day or two-day delivery depending on the location.

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Expedite Vehicles for Dedicated Freight Delivery

We offer both ground and air transportation options based on the size of the freight and the delivery schedule:

  • Vast transportation fleet: We have over 10,000+ vehicles standing by for a customer's transportation order. Our diverse fleet consists of sprinter vans, small and large straight trucks, as well as tractors to provide point-to-point nationwide delivery.
  • Freight matching: We match the size of the freight to the size of the needed vehicle to cut down on costs as only the customer's freight will be loaded onto the vehicle.
  • 2-Hour pickup: Our drivers will pick up the shipment within two hours after the call as they immediately load up and transport the freight to the specified destination. If the freight has to travel for long distances, we provide team drivers for a nonstop trip.
  • Dedicated agents: Our agents are available around the clock 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help customers with their logistical needs. The agents become the single point of contact to place orders, dispatch drivers answer questions and provide delivery updates.

Expedited Freight: Your Urgent Trucking Solution

Expedited Freight Jacksonville Florida

When your company requires B2B expedited freight services in Jacksonville, surrounding locations or across the country, contact Expedited Freight. We offer fast and secure transportation services for your shipments. Call an agent today to get a quote and for more information.

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