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Tampa, Florida is a growing international commerce area.

From the CSX freight railways to the airport and maritime port, several million tons of cargo constantly moves throughout the Tampa area. It's considered a foreign trade zone, which appeals to national and international manufacturers in many industries who want to repackage and store products while avoiding import duties. Electronic equipment, fabricated equipment, processed shrimp and other consumer goods contribute to a strong economy as companies turn to an expedited freight company Tampa to offer logistical strategies.

Expedited Freight Tampa

Expedited Freight Tampa From Tampa to St. Petersburg, Brandon, Clearwater, Lakewood, Bradenton, Spring Hill and Sarasota, Expedited Freight moves a company's late shipments, time critical freight and emergency shipments for point-to-point B2B delivery. Getting medical equipment, processed food, and military supplies to their destination on time is critical, as our expedited delivery Tampa has extensive experience in handling all types of freight with expertise. Our carriers will get it delivered to a place of business, warehouse, jobsite, business client or other location in Tampa or across the country.

Our agents and drivers work together to provide the latest logistical solutions to more freight in the safest and fastest manner possible. Whether a company needs to get the time sensitive processed food delivered across town or the emergency electronic components to the shop floor across the country, Expedited Freight will provide the efficient strategies with our premiere services.

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Urgent Expedited Delivery Tampa

We help B2B clients keep their most urgent freight moving by offering our dedicated services:

  • Exclusive-Use Vehicle: Expedited Freight provides exclusive use vehicles for dedicated shipping. The only freight on the truck is the customer's shipment as it helps to speed up the delivery time. We make point-to-point deliveries without multiple stops to cut back on transportation costs, providing more cost savings for the customer.
  • Nationwide Logistical Fleet: We have over 10,000+ vehicles to ship point to point anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Whether the customer needs their expedited freight Tampa to travel to St. Petersburg, Florida or to the west coast, we will get it to the destination. We offer sprinter large cargo vans, small straight trucks and large straight trucks as well as tractors. We match the size of the freight to the size of the truck that will be needed.
  • 2-Hour Pickup: Our vehicles are standing by as we are ready to help with the customer's shipment. Our agents will dispatch drivers typically 2 hours after the call as they will drive right to the pickup location. Then the drivers will take the shipment directly to the destination. For longer distances, we have team drivers available so the vehicle can travel non-stop without any delays. We also offer air charter and air cargo transportation services.

Get Your Urgent Shipments Moving with Expedited Freight

Expedited Freight Tampa Florida

When requiring an expert expedited freight company to get manufactured products, parts and equipment to its destination anywhere in Tampa or across the country, Expedited Freight's logistical services will answer the call. Contact us today to schedule a freight pick-up order or to receive a free quote.

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