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Jonesboro's holistic support allows industries to flourish.

The city of Jonesboro in Arkansas takes an active approach in helping industries to flourish in the region by providing programs, workshops and leadership development curriculum for businesses. These strategies have allowed a range of companies such as agriculture, manufacturing and trade to build their operations in the region. 

Expedited Freight Jonesboro Services

Expedited Freight Jonesboro Some well-known companies are Frito Lay, Butterball, and Unilever as they require premiere rush delivery services to areas in Memphis, Searcy, Paragould, and Conway. Expedited Freight provides the urgent and emergency expedited delivery Jonesboro to get shipments to their destinations on time.

Our expedited freight company Jonesboro is the answer that B2B customers need when they have to get cargo, palletized freight, heavy machinery and equipment to different locations across the country. We offer ground and air hot shot expediting services so manufacturers can take advantage of our logistical strategies.

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Our ground expedited freight Jonesboro services offer the following solutions:

  • Point-to-Point Delivery: To offer the fastest transportation services possible, our expedited freight company Jonesboro provides point-to-point delivery. We don't bring the freight back to our shipping yard or warehouse. Instead, the B2B customer tells us where the freight is located as we will pick it up and immediately deliver it to the destination without any transfers or cross docking work.
  • Vast Carrier Fleet: We provide a 10,000+ carrier fleet for our B2B customers whether they need a single crate delivered or multiple palletized cargo shipped out. Customers can select from large sprinter cargo vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and tractors.
  • Nationwide Service: Our vehicles can travel to warehouses, construction sites or business doors. We will get the shipment to its destination whether it is to another company facility or to a business partner. We drive anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Exclusive Use Vehicle: Customers obtain the vehicle for exclusive use. So only their shipments will be in the truck as they can fill it up with as much or as little freight as possible. We provide both LTL and full truckload expedited delivery Jonesboro.
  • Freight-to-Truck Matching System: A cost-effective ground transportation feature involves matching the size of the freight to the size of the truck. This service helps customers save on transportation and fuel costs.

Optional Air Expedited Delivery Jonesboro

Jonesboro Air Delivery Sometimes ground delivery isn't fast enough for certain shipments that need to travel to and from Jonesboro, Searcy, Paragould, Memphis and Conway. When there is emergency freight that has to get to its destination the next day or within two days, Expedited Freight can make arrangements for scheduled air cargo and exclusive air charter services for B2B customers.

  • Scheduled Air Cargo: Our scheduled air cargo services will consolidate the customers freight with other shipments that will be taken to the airport. Then the freight will fly out to the airport that is nearest to the destination. Our expedited freight company will then provide the final last mile delivery services.
  • Exclusive Air Charter: When customers need even faster services than scheduled air cargo, Expedited Freight can also set up exclusive air charter services. We will book a pilot to fly the urgent, emergency or time sensitive freight to the destination. This exclusive use service will ensure that the shipment arrives on the customer's schedule as we will perform the final ground delivery when the plane lands.
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Exceptional Expedited Freight Jonesboro Services

In addition to our ground and air transportation services, Expedited Freight also offers exceptional customer service through our dedicated agents and drivers while delivering expedited freight for Jonesboro, Arkansas and the surrounding region.

Food processing, manufacturing and trade companies in Jonesboro, AR can find peace of mind that their freight will be well taken care of throughout the entire process.

Our logistical strategies are tailored to the B2B customer's needs:

  • Dedicated Agents: Our agents become the single point of contact to help customers throughout the entire process. They will help customers select the right transportation options, dispatch drivers, perform invoicing and answer questions about the shipment.
  • Team drivers: For freight that must travel long distances, we assign team drivers to accompany the shipment. The drivers will take rest shifts so that the vehicle takes a nonstop trip from the pickup location to the destination.
  • 2-Hour Pickup Windows: The moment that a customer calls our company, the Expedited Freight agents will dispatch the drivers as they will typically arrive within 2 hours at the location based on the distance. Then the drivers will professionally load up the shipment and immediately drive to the destination.
  • Available Around the Clock: Our agents and drivers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to take transportation orders. No matter the time of day, we can provide same day, next day and two-day delivery depending on the location.

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Expedited Freight Jonesboro, Arkansas

When it comes to urgent freight delivery for late shipments, emergency shipments, JIT freight, and time-sensitive freight, contact Expedited Freight company Jonesboro. We will get your shipment out on the road today. Contact us now to receive a free quote.

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