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Bentonville/Springdale businesses look for expedited freight solutions for their industries.

The Bentonville and Springdale area of Arkansas has continued to grow its economy by ushering new businesses to land development opportunities. In Bentonville, the top industries in the region are retail trade, scientific services and technical services. Meanwhile, Springdale's new industrial and technical parks have attracted food processors, assembly manufacturers, and construction contractors.

Ground and Air Expedited Delivery Bentonville/Springdale

Expedited Freight Bentonville/ Springdale All these industries in these two locations require parts, materials and equipment to keep operations running, as Expedited Freight Bentonville/Springdale offers reliable logistical solutions.

Our Expedited Freight company provides both ground and air rush delivery options for B2B customers in the Bentonville and Springdale areas, including Bella Vista, Rogers and Fayetteville. We move crates, palletized freight, equipment and heavy machinery to our customers’ operations or to commercial businesses located across the country.

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Our ground and air expedited freight Bentonville/Springdale solutions:

  • Point-to-Point Ground Delivery: Our expedited freight carrier offers fast ground transport services for LTL and full truckload shipments. Our drivers will pick up the freight at the specified location and then will drive it directly to the destination without any stops.
  • Nationwide Carrier Fleet: Our expedited freight company Bentonville/Springdale has a 10,000+ carrier fleet located across the country. So we can get freight anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico whether it is simply traveling across the state or to the other coast. Our B2B customers can select sprinter cargo vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and tractors for exclusive use.
  • LTL and Full Truckload Shipments: We can handle both LTL loads and full truckloads as the vehicle is for exclusive use. Only the customer's shipment is loaded on the truck as they can place as much freight in it as they want. Then the truck can make a nonstop trip to the destination.
  • Freight-to-Truck Matching: To save on transportation and fuel costs, we match every customer's freight size to the available vehicle. So customers only get the vehicle that is appropriate instead of paying extra for a vehicle that is too big for their shipment.
  • Scheduled Air Cargo: When there are times when ground transportation is not fast enough, we offer scheduled air cargo services. The customer's freight will be consolidated with other shipments and placed on a cargo flight to the destination airport. Then our waiting drivers will pick up the freight and perform the last mile delivery services to ensure that the shipment reaches its destination safely and securely.
  • Exclusive Air Charter: Some freight is time sensitive or may be an emergency shipment that cannot wait for a consolidated cargo flight. To ensure expedited delivery Bentonville/Springdale, our expedited broker company offers exclusive air charter services. We book a pilot who will fly the customer's freight out immediately. Only the customer's shipment will be on the plane. When the plane lands, we will get the shipment to the final destination.

Exceptional Expedited Freight Customer Services

B2B customers in the Bentonville and Springdale, Arkansas areas can also take advantage of all the customer service solutions that Expedited Freight has to offer. Our drivers and dedicated agents will provide the reliable and trusted logistical solutions that our customers require.

Expedited Freight Service Bentonville/ Springdale
  • We Offer Point-to-Point Delivery: When our drivers arrive at the pickup location, they don't load up the freight and bring it back to our company for scheduled delivery. Instead, they will transport the freight immediately to the destination. This strategy ensures that the B2B customer in Fayetteville receives the fastest transportation services possible. In addition, only our company will handle the freight as we don't perform any transfers or cross-docking.
  • We Have a Vast Carrier Fleet: Select from tractors, large straight trucks, small straight trucks and sprinter large cargo vans for the shipment. Our 10,000+ carrier fleet is standing by at all hours to pick up and deliver shipments that same day, overnight, the next day or within two days. To provide even more cost savings, we will match the truck size to the size of the shipment. This strategy ensures that our customer won't pay extra for a large vehicle that they don't need, as it also cuts down on fuel costs.
  • We Provide Nationwide Service and Exclusive Use Vehicles: Every vehicle available is for exclusive use as only one customer's freight is loaded into the vehicle. So the customer knows that there will be no transportation delays or alternate trips with the vehicle. In addition, our company provides nationwide coverage. We will deliver freight anywhere in the United States, Mexico and Canada.
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Rush B2B Shipment Delivery

Expedited Freight provides ground and air rush delivery for B2B customers in Bentonville and Springdale, including Bella Vista, Rogers and Fayetteville.

Expedited Freight Bentonville Springdale Arkansas

When B2B customers require emergency and urgent shipments to reach operations, Expedited Freight company Bentonville/Springdale can handle the job. Reach out to us today for a free quote and for additional information regarding our logistical solutions.

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