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Manufacturing and tourism helping to grow Erie's economy.

Erie is moving forward in seeking new economic opportunities that will help the communities thrive and grow. While manufacturing has been the backbone for the region, other industries such as tourism, healthcare and education has set a foothold into the local economy. As more businesses make a home in the city, they will require expedited freight delivery to get their materials, supplies and finished goods to their destinations. Here at Expedited Freight Erie, we are the urgent premium logistical services providing same day, next day and two-day delivery solutions.

Expedited Delivery Erie Solutions for Businesses

Expedited Freight Erie Expedited Freight provides rush delivery for B2B customers. Our strategy is simple: get freight to their destinations for same day, next day and two-day delivery without any stops. We accomplish this by providing vehicles for exclusive use.

Only the customer's freight is on the vehicle for point-to-point delivery as it doesn't make any stops until reaching the destination. In addition, our drivers are well-versed in regards to the best logistical routes to take when traveling through NW PA, including the areas of Girard, Meadville and Ashtabula, to ensure the quickest and safest trip.

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Fast Freight Delivery for B2B Customers

Our expedited freight company Erie offers the logistical strategies that business customers need:

  • Ground and Air Transportation Services: No matter if it is the day or night, our expedited freight carrier company provides ground and air transportation services for Erie industries. We have sprinter vans, straight small trucks, straight large trucks and tractors for use. When ground transportation isn't fast enough, customers can obtain air transport services. We can consolidate their freight for scheduled air cargo delivery, or book a pilot for exclusive air charter services. Then we perform the last mile delivery to the specified destination.
  • Freight-to-Truck Matching System: Customers shouldn't have to pay extra for a vehicle that is too large to carry their freight. Instead, we match the size of the freight to the right vehicle size so customers can save on transportation costs. Then they have exclusive use of the vehicle, as only their freight is loaded on board. So the customer can fill it up with as much cargo, palletized freight, equipment and heavy machinery that has to go to the same destination.
  • Fast and Reliable Transportation Solutions: B2B customers can have freight appear at a moment's notice that will need to be delivered immediately. Expedited Freight Erie is available around the clock to answer their calls as our dedicated agents will send out drivers who will typically arrive within 2 hours to pick up the freight. Then the drivers will take the shipment straight to the destination.

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Expedited Freight Erie Pennsylvania

If your business requires urgent, late or emergency freight to be delivered in Erie, throughout NW PA or across the country, give Expedited Freight a call. Contact us today for a free quote.

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