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Heavy industry and distribution are major market sectors in Aurora, Illinois.

When it comes to making products such as automobiles to railroad cars, companies require the heavy machinery for operations and a way to ship and store the equipment. The city of Aurora, Illinois has major industries in construction machinery, warehousing, distribution, automotive, dry goods and industrial gases to provide companies across the country with the products, services and equipment that they need for operations.

Expedited Freight Company Aurora

Expedited Freight Aurora Getting products, equipment and materials to B2B customers requires fast and sound transportation options. Expedited Freight Aurora has the answers as we provide trusted urgent delivery services in Aurora, Naperville, Elgin, Joliet, Kankakee and the West/Southwest Suburbs in Illinois.

Expedited Freight can move all types of freight for a myriad of industries whether it is crates, palletized freight or heavy machinery. Our vehicles are available for full truckloads as well as less-than-truckloads (LTL) shipments whether the freight has to move across Aurora city or to other destinations across the country.

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Get Expedited Delivery Aurora from Expedited Freight:

  • We offer point-to-point delivery, last mile services and just-in-time (JIT) delivery services for a company's important shipment. Our vehicles travel nonstop to the destination, as we have team drivers perform longer trips as they take shifts driving the vehicle.
  • Our vast 10,000+ vehicle fleets can travel nationwide across the United States, Mexico and Canada. We have tractor trailers, large straight trucks, small straight trucks and sprinter cargo vans as we match the size of the freight to the appropriate vehicle for a fast and cost-effective delivery process.
  • Only one customer's freight is placed on the truck as our drivers will normally arrive within 2 hours after the Aurora customer calls Expedited Freight. Then the drivers will travel from the pickup point directly to the end location as our satellite technology will monitor their entire trip.
  • We have agents available around the clock as our expedited freight company Aurora provides same day, overnight, next day, and two-day deliveries based on the destination.
  • Expedited Freight also offers air cargo and air charter services when ground transportation alone is not fast enough. The scheduled air cargo option involves transporting the freight to the airport where it is consolidated with other shipments. Then it will be flown to the destination airport as our drivers provide the final delivery work. The air charter option involves our agents booking an exclusive pilot to only fly the customer's urgent freight to the destination airport.

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Expedited Freight Aurora Illinois

Reach out to our expedited freight company today to find out about our transportation options and to get started with your order. Let us get your shipment to its destination in the fastest and safest way possible. Also, allow our agents to give you a free quote.

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