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Fayetteville, NC advanced manufacturing industries rely on expedited trucking services.

Companies are finding a growing economic future in Fayetteville in North Cumberland County. Businesses in innovative manufacturing, defense, food processing, and financial services are getting their products moving to B2B operations across the country. When they have an emergency or urgent shipment that has to get delivered, Expedited Freight is the top transportation company offering reliable and dedicated services.

Expedited Freight Fayetteville

Expedited Freight Fayetteville One late shipment or time-sensitive shipment can throw an entire supply line into chaos. The shipment must get out on the road immediately, as it may need delivered that same day, overnight, early the next day or within two days.

Our expedited freight company Fayetteville has developed an extensive carrier fleet and hot shot expediting services for our B2B customers. We will get your shipment to its destination whether it is going to Aberdeen, Clinton, Elizabethtown, or another location in Eastern North Carolina or across the country.

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Vast Expedited Delivery Fayetteville Solutions

Get the shipment anywhere in the United States, Mexico or Canada with our expedited trucking services. We offer point-to-point transportation to warehouses, construction sites, business doors, or other B2B locations.

  • With our expedited freight company Fayetteville, we handle late shipments, emergency freight, just-in-time (JIT) shipments, and time sensitive freight. Our vehicles offer ground transportation for LTL and full truckload shipments.
  • For shipments where ground transportation alone won't meet tight delivery schedules, Expedited Freight offers scheduled air cargo services and exclusive air charter services. We will get your shipment to the airport for its flight and perform the last mile delivery work.
  • Our diverse carrier fleet consists of sprinter large cargo vans, tractors, small straight trucks and large straight trucks. We select the right size truck or van based on the size of the freight that has to be delivered.
  • Our agents, drivers and vehicles are standing by around the clock for transportation orders. Once our agents arrange a shipment delivery, the drivers will arrive within 2 hours at the pickup location. There will be assigned team drivers for shipments that have to go long distances.
  • Customers don't have to worry about the shipment taking too long to get to its destination as every vehicle is for exclusive use. Only one customer’s shipment is on the truck as this strategy eliminates the need for multiple delivery stops.

ExpeditedFreight.com | Fayetteville, NC

Expedited Freight Fayetteville North Carolina

When an urgent shipment, emergency shipment or late shipment is waiting for delivery, give Expedited Freight a call. Our agents and drivers will ensure that the freight will get to its destination throughout North Carolina no matter where the destination is in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Contact us today for a free quote.

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