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High-Quality Shipping In Hampton Roads: Your Leading Expedited Freight Company Norfolk

As one of the cores of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, Norfolk, Virginia is an economic powerhouse. The city is famed for its advanced infrastructure, eclectic housing, bustling port, and wealth of booming industries. Norfolk manufacturers and transportation companies not only bring prosperity to the Commonwealth and the country, but also play a critical role in national security, as myriad defense contractors make their homes here. There can be no doubt that what’s good for Norfolk is good for the nation.

Expedited Freight Norfolk & Hampton Roads

What’s good for Norfolk right now is logistics. As in any dynamic city, Norfolk’s businesses struggles to ship in the supplies they need for success. The larger and more complex the Hampton Roads region grows, the more congestion, road damage, and other sources of delays these companies have to deal with.

Expedited Freight Norfolk

As an expedited delivery Norfolk expert, ExpeditedFreight.com resolves these delays and helps Hampton Roads businesses stay at the top of their game.

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Expedited Freight Company Norfolk

ExpeditedFreight.com operates throughout the Hampton Roads area, from Norfolk to Virginia Beach to Franklin to Newport News to Yorktown. Serving this vast and booming region has given us a chance to understand the wealth of businesses that operate throughout it, along with the myriad ways those businesses’ supply lines can get disrupted. Inclement weather, traffic jams, damage to the roads, and a host of other issues can arise without a moment’s notice, turning an ordinary shipping operation into a scramble to regain control.

Expedited Freight Ground Norfolk

We have developed a comprehensive strategy to help you regain control as soon as the problem arises. This strategy involves:

  • Continental Connections— ExpeditedFreight.com combines local knowledge with continental resources. We have built a shipping network that extends thousands of miles through major cities across Canada, Mexico, and the United States. This network gives us the flexibility to reach virtually any starting point on the continent in just two hours, load up goods from there, and get on the road. Norfolk businesses often rely on supplies from across the continent, and thus need a shipper that can pick up any slack that arises along thousands of miles of supply chain. ExpeditedFreight.com prides itself on being that shipper.
  • Dedicated Deliveries— As an expedited freight company Norfolk, we put each of our customers first, and that starts with reserving a truck for each of them. The ExpeditedFreight.com network contains myriad vehicles, from the smallest sprinter vans to the largest trailers. When you place an order and let us know what you need shipped, we’ll match the volume of the order to a vehicle based on truckbed space, so there’s as little empty space as possible. We’ll then assign that vehicle to you alone, so we won’t be carrying anyone else’s goods before yours have been fully delivered. That way, you don’t have to worry about us taking indirect routes or detours, because there won’t be anyone for the drivers to serve but you.
  • Trucker Teamwork— When assigning skilled drivers to our dedicated trucks, we make sure that each truck has two people operating it at a time. This team driving strategy means that each driver has a chance to rest while the other drivers; they switch off equitably, so that both are fully rested throughout the journey. In this way, we are able to deliver over thousands of miles without needing to stop our trucks overnight. You can thus get your goods more quickly without having to worry about an increased risk of damage.
  • Precise Planning— At the start of each delivery, our team plans out the delivery in painstaking detail. We take into account all the routes into and out of Hampton Roads, and consider everything from physical distance to weather to traffic congestion to road quality. By balancing all these factors, we’re able to select a route with the shortest delivery times and smallest risk of delay. The ExpeditedFreight.com team’s extensive local knowledge allows us to make these plans quickly, since we already know the major routes for most of our clients and can quickly select the one that serves you best.
  • Tenacious Tracking— Even the most meticulous plans can be derailed by weather, congestion, or other obstacles that may arise out of nowhere. But ExpeditedFreight.com stays a step ahead with the help of our advanced tracking devices. With this technology, we keep an eye on each of our trucks, watching the roads ahead of them to see if any obstacles develop. When one does, we quickly identify an alternate route and steer our trucks onto it, minimizing the chance that they’ll be stuck in traffic or forced to stop until a storm ends. Advanced tracking has the added benefit of letting us give you regular updates on your orders.
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Expedited Freight Norfolk Virginia

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