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Rapid Freight For Richmond: An Expedited Freight Company Richmond To Keep Business Booming

As the anchor of a metropolitan area with more than a million people, Richmond is not only Virginia’s capital, but also one of its cultural, economic, and demographic centers. Richmond was one of the earliest centers of manufacturing in the American south, and continues to play an important role in production to this day. Combined with its booming scientific, engineering, distillation, construction, and logistics industries, the city is well positioned to lead Virginia and all of the US to future prosperity.

Expedited Freight Richmond

Expedited Freight Richmond

Such a great position, however, comes with its share of risks. Richmond businesses often have trouble getting necessary supplies in on time— a struggle accentuated by the fact that they frequently need to deliver precise parts from distant corners of the country. ExpeditedFreight.com offers the expedited delivery Richmond services needed to resolve these shipping problems. Between our planning, our local knowledge, and our continental resources, we can resolve even the most difficult shipping problems and keep your company producing seamlessly.

ExpeditedFreight.com knows the Richmond area well, having long delivered to the city and its neighbors Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Petersburg. In serving this region, we’ve studied local businesses and infrastructure in depth, and have gotten a keen sense of the types of crises that can affect shipping. Traffic jams, inclement weather, and damaged roadways can all arise seemingly out of nowhere, creating obstacles that disrupt even the most meticulously planned shipping lines. Businesses throughout the Richmond area fear that these problems could set them back.

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Richmond Expedited Shipping Solutions

ExpeditedFreight.com stops such setbacks almost as soon as they begin. As an expedited shipping company with extensive experience providing emergency services, we’ve crafted a strategy to resolve any and all logistical problems

Expedited Freight Ground Richmond

Our strategy involves:

  • Careful Planning— When you report a shipping problem, we get to work coming up with a strategy to resolve it. Our plans account for every factor that might delay a delivery, from traffic to weather to road quality to roadside hazards. By taking this into account along with physical distance, we’re able to select a route that is not only short and swift in theory, but in practice is unlikely to come with significant delays. The ExpeditedFreight.com team can make these plans quickly thanks to our extensive local knowledge— we already know all the roads into and out of Richmond, and can choose the best ones for each client and starting point.
  • Detailed Tracking— At ExpeditedFreight.com, we pride ourselves on always knowing exactly what’s going on. To that end, we have invested in the most advanced, precise tracking equipment on the market. We use this to keep an eye on our trucks at all times, scanning the roads ahead of them for congestion, storms, and other sources of delay. When an obstacle arises, we immediately steer the drivers onto an alternate route, quickly determining which one will most quickly get them to your destination. Thus, while we can’t predict the future, we react so quickly to new events that there’s little chance your shipment will be delayed.
  • Dedicated Trucking— ExpeditedFreight.com has a vast fleet of vehicles, ranging from sprinter vans to straight trucks to even trailers. When you place an order, we’ll find a vehicle with a truckbed that closely corresponds to the volume of the items you need shipped. We then dedicate that vehicle to you alone, refusing to place anyone else’s items in it until your order has been shipped. This dedicated trucking strategy allows us to further cut down on delays. We can afford to take the most direct route to your destination, not worrying about accommodating other clients on the way.
  • Team Driving— For longer deliveries, ExpeditedFreight.com assigns our skilled drivers in teams of two. The drivers are charged with resting and working equitably, so each has a chance to sleep while on the road, yet there’s no need to stop the vehicle overnight. This arrangement ensures that we can deliver your items at maximum speed, all without taking the risk that our drivers will be too tired.
  • Continental Networking— While ExpeditedFreight.com is steeped in local Richmond knowledge, we have a vast network extending all over the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We have vehicles and personnel in major cities throughout these countries, and are ready at a moment’s notice to ship from any of these locations. With this network, we’re never more than a couple hours from your starting point, and can get to work loading up your goods post haste. Once we’ve loaded your items, we’ll get on the highway and head straight for you, not stopping until every item you ordered arrives safely at your destination.
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ExpeditedFreight.com | Richmond, VA

Expedited Freight Richmond Virginia

ExpeditedFreight.com is proud to serve the Richmond area. For more information on our services or a free quote, call us today.

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