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Virginia Beach companies maintain their competitive edge with express freight shipping solutions.

It's true that Virginia Beach in Virginia has a robust tourism industry that invites vacationers from around the world to visit its resorts. Yet this city also has an abundant advanced manufacturing sector as its key location allows for the import and export of goods on a national and international scale. Also, Virginia Beach has the largest military active-duty population in the nation as 7 out of the top 10 firms provides defense-related technologies and services. To support manufacturing processes, defense bases and tourist attractions, companies turn to the reliable and dedicated carrier services offered by Expedited Freight Virginia Beach.

Trusted Air and Ground Services

Expedited Freight Virginia Beach

With Expedited Freight, companies can move any goods-in progress, finished products, equipment, raw materials and other shipments to commercial locations across the country. We offer expedited delivery Virginia Beach whenever crucial, emergency or time-sensitive freight appears or is needed during operations.

Whenever freight has to get out on the road or up into the air immediately, we are the top expedited freight company Virginia Beach who can get the shipment directly to its destination for same day, overnight or next day freight delivery.

What makes our expedited freight company unique is that we specialize our services for each particular client. Each company has specifications on how their emergency and urgent shipment must be transported, as we offer a range of shipping options to suit the size and weight of the shipment, the delivery time schedule and the company's budget.

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Ground Dedicated Carrier Services

Expedited Freight Service Virginia Beach

Our ground services include:

  • Hot Shot Trucking: At Expedited Freight Virginia Beach, we have a full carrier fleet of trucks, vans and tractors that can handle payloads as low as 2,000 pounds to as high as 44,000 pounds. Vehicles to select from will include: cargo sprinter vans, small straight delivery trucks, large straight shipping trucks and freight tractors. Clients will be given the vehicle for exclusive use, as their shipment is the only one loaded on board to make the nonstop trip to the end destination.
  • Courier Services: If the shipment is already on an international flight, or only needs to get to the airport, our expedited freight company Virginia Beach can provide the first mile and final mile trucking services. We also provide airport-to-airport transportation solutions when shipments have to make flight layovers with different air carriers.
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Air Freight Charter Services

Air Freight Services Virginia Beach

Our air services include:

  • Scheduled Air Cargo: Our scheduled air cargo services can provide short, medium and long haul commercial air solutions based on the size of the shipment and the destination. We have access to a range of aircraft, from turboprops to freighter conversions and long haul carriers, to provide faster expedited delivery Virginia Beach. We will get the shipment to the destination anywhere in the U.S., Mexico or Canada.
  • Air Charter Planes: Any late shipments or time critical freight that can't wait for a regular scheduled flight can be transported on an air charter plane. We handle the entire booking process by hiring the pilot on behalf of the customer. Then the plane will take the shipment on an exclusive trip to the destination airport.

Exceptional Customer Service Solutions

Commercial businesses of all industry sectors want fast and reliable transportation options that suit their bottom lines while leveraging their supply chain processes. Expedited Freight offers dedicated carrier and air cargo services from our capable staff.

Advantages to using our customer service solutions:

  • Exclusive Agents: Our agents become single points of contact for every customer as they handle the entire logistical process from start to finish.
  • Around-the-Clock Availability: Companies operate at all hours of the day and so do we. We have agents and drivers standing by 24/7/365 to handle any logistical hurdle that a customer may face.
  • Freight Matching: Customers can take advantage of our freight matching system to gain even more cost savings. This process involves matching the size and weight of the shipment to the appropriate vehicle to cut down on fuel and transportation costs.
  • Fast Freight Pickup: Companies can expect our Expedited Freight drivers to arrive within 2 hours or less (depending on the distance) to pick up the shipment.
  • Team Drivers for Long Distance Hauls: We provide team drivers for expedited cargo that has to travel between states or coast-to-coast trips. The drivers take rest shifts in the vehicle to ensure that the truck or van continues its nonstop journey.
  • Move All Types of Freight: Our hot shot delivery services are designed to handle all types of freight from various industries. We can transport time critical/time sensitive freight, late shipments, JIT shipments and emergency freight.
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Expedited Freight Virginia Beach

Expedited Freight Virginia Beach Virginia

Getting hot shot trucking and air cargo services through one company can be accomplished when you hire the experts at Expedited Freight. Reach out to our agents today to learn more about our logistical services.

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