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Rapid Freight In Roanoke: Your Dedicated Expedited Freight Company Roanoke, Virginia

Founded in 1852 as “Big Lick”, Roanoke has always played a key role in the Virginia economy. The town rose to importance as a center for rail connections and coal production, but has since diversified into an eclectic modern city. Myriad advanced employers make their home in Roanoke, from utilities to logistics companies to IT manufacturers to healthcare providers. This wide range of companies helps the city and all Southwest Virginia thrive, but it also creates enormous potential for logistical emergencies.

Expedited Freight Roanoke, Virginia

Expedited Freight Roanoke

ExpeditedFreight.com is no stranger to logistical emergencies— indeed, we specialize in getting out of them! As an expedited delivery Roanoke company, we provide rapid shipping services for when your ordinary supply lines break down.

Our trucks and personnel are positioned throughout the country, so we can start shipping at a moment’s notice and get you your items without skipping a beat. With ExpeditedFreight.com by your side, you’ll never struggle to stay on schedule.

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Roanoke Shipping Solutions

ExpeditedFreight.com has developed a comprehensive strategy that lets us ship on schedule under even the most challenging circumstances.

Expedited Freight Ground Roanoke

This strategy involves:

  • Investing in Intel— Whenever we begin serving a new part of the country, we take the time to learn everything we can about local businesses, roads, climate, and traffic patterns. Roanoke is no exception— ever since we’ve started serving it and neighboring communities like Lynchburg, Blacksburg, and Danville, we’ve gotten to know the area like the back of our hands. This knowledge not only helps us understand our customers’ needs, but also lets us put together a plan almost as soon as you place an order. When you request our help, we’ll immediately know the best roads to use, taking into account not just physical distance, but the likelihood that obstacles will arise. In this way, we keep delays to a minimum.
  • Connecting to the Continent— While ExpeditedFreight.com prides ourselves on local knowledge, we also operate at a continental scale. Our network runs through every major city in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The moment you place an order, we’ll be able to identify vehicles and personnel less than two hours away from your starting point, and dispatch them immediately. This means you won’t have to wait on end just for a vehicle to load up your goods— that part of the journey will be taken care of post haste, allowing us to focus on getting to your destination.
  • Trucking in Teams— In assembling this continental network, ExpeditedFreight.com makes sure to work with only the best drivers in the business. We carefully vet everyone we let into our trucks, so you can be sure the person carrying your goods will do so carefully and efficiently. We then send these dedicated drivers our in teams of two, with instructions to take equal turns resting and working. Thanks to this strategy, you won’t have to worry about losing time because our drivers have to stop the trucks overnight— but our drivers will still be rested enough to work safely.
  • Dedicating Deliveries— Not only do we dedicate two drivers to our vehicles, but we dedicate that vehicle customer by customer. This means we won’t load up other clients’ items along with yours, but will instead load your goods alone, and not send the truck to someone else until your delivery is complete. Through dedicated trucking, we avoid having to take detours on our route to your destination— we can just head straight for you without thinking of any other clients. And to minimize any truckbed space, we match our vehicles as closely as possible to the volume of your orders.
  • Planning Prudently— Ahead of each order, ExpeditedFreight.com comes up with a detailed plan of how to reach your destination. We take into account every aspect of the journey, from physical distance to traffic bottlenecks to the likelihood of inclement weather. We then choose a set of roads that will get you your goods as quickly as possible, with the smallest risk of any delay. This way, we’re able to deliver not just quickly, but consistently.
  • Tracking Tenaciously— No matter how careful our plans, there’s always the possibility that weather, traffic, or some other contingency might throw a shipment off. We minimize this problem by investing in state-of-the-art tracking technology, which allows our team to watch our trucks and the roads ahead of them diligently throughout the journey. Should any issues arise that might delay the delivery, our team will know immediately, and can contact the driver to guide them around.
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ExpeditedFreight.com | Roanoke, VA

Expedited Freight Richmond Virginia

ExpeditedFreight.com puts our customers first. Whether you need a quote for a future order or updates on a current one, we’re always available to take your call and tell you anything you need to know. For more information, contact ExpeditedFreight.com today.

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