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Redmond, WA offers logistical shipping solutions to its high-tech industries.

Due to the absence of business and occupation taxes, the city of Redmond has been able to attract high-tech industries to the Washington region. Companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo of America have set up headquarters in the city at the tech giants help to create sustainable communities. To provide better services to their businesses and clients, companies ship vast amounts of electronics, raw materials and finished goods to different commercial locations all over the country. These shipments may be urgent or emergency freight that has to reach a specific destination that same day or by the next morning, as they look for hot shot companies such as Expedited Freight Redmond to get the job done.

Point-to-Point Dedicated Carriers

Expedited delivery Redmond is not a problem for our expedited shipping experts. We develop the sound logistical strategies that companies require as we move shipments no matter the time of day. 

Whether a production line machine goes down in the afternoon or a late shipment has to go out overnight for early morning delivery, our trucking brokers will get the freight out on the road or up into the air immediately.

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Our services include:

  • Expedited LTL and Full Truckload Carriers: Have a small crate of parts that have to go to the factory floor or multiple palletized freight making a long distance trip? Expedited Freight will move it for you with our experienced ground transportation drivers. With a 10,000+ carrier fleet, our trucks and vans can carry 2,000-pound to 44,000-pound payloads. Cargo sprinter vans, straight small transport trucks, straight large shipping trucks and freight shipping tractors are available as each customer is assigned an exclusive vehicle.
  • Exclusive Courier Services: Sometimes a customer only requires priority freight shipping services for shipments that have to get to the airport to take an international flight, or when shipments arrive at the airport and have to undergo the last mile delivery work. Our expedited freight company Redmond can also take on these small jobs by offering door-to-door and airport-to-airport courier services.
  • Consolidated Air Cargo Options: When ground transportation services aren't fast enough for your shipment, our agents can set up consolidated air freight services. We work with commercial air carriers who will place consolidated freight onto scheduled flights. Our company will perform both the first mile and last mile ground transportation work.
  • Air Charter Services: Our fastest hot shot delivery service is our air charter option. We hire an exclusive plane and pilot that can handle the freight load as they will make a one-way trip to the delivery destination. Select this option when you have emergency and time sensitive freight that has to reach operations in the shortest time.

Expedited Customer Service Advantages

Here at Expedited Freight Redmond, we have made expedited trucking solutions our specialty. We have researched and developed the appropriate and fastest logistical strategies for companies of all industries. We get your shipments out on the road today with no exceptions or weight limits.

Air Freight Air Washington

Benefits that you will find with our solutions include:

  • Experienced Agents: When a customer calls, we team them with one of our agents who will become their single point of contact. The agents will handle everything from dispatching drivers, invoicing and tracking shipments.
  • Around-the-Clock Service: We are here 24/7/365 to offer our expedited delivery services.
  • Freight Services: From fast 2-hour freight pickup services to our exclusive freight matching system where we match the size of the freight with the right vehicle, customers will find the cost savings to fit their budgets.
  • Team Drivers: Our drivers don't stop to take rest breaks when transporting shipments. For long distances, team drivers will take sleep breaks in the moving vehicle so the shipment arrives that same day, overnight or the next day.
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Let Expedited Freight Redmond Move Your Shipment

Expedited Freight RedmondOur expedited freight company Redmond provides rush express freight shipping services to commercial businesses throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. As the leading truck brokers in the nation, we provide top tier ground transportation and air services to get shipments to destinations on time for company operations.

Whether you have B2B late shipments, JIT freight or time critical freight that needs to be delivered, expedited carriers such as Expedited Freight will make the delivery. Reach out to us today for more info.

Expedited Freight Locations for Washington:

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