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Agriculture, Manufacturing and Distribution Are Key Commerce Sectors in Fresno, CA

Fresno, California is much more than city living, technology and movie stars. It is the top agricultural county in the United States. In addition, manufacturers in wood products, furniture, metal products, electrical equipment, farm machinery and stone products find that Fresno is the ideal location for their companies. Due to the booming economic trends in the region, the distribution industry is paramount to commercial operations that need to move products between Fresno, Visalia, Merced, Clovis, Hanford, and the Modesto areas as well as to cities across the country.

Expedited Freight Delivery at a Moment's Notice

Expedited Freight Fresno Here at Expedited Freight, we help commercial industries when they require expedited delivery Fresno and the surrounding regions. Whether it is an emergency shipment that must reach the industrial plant by tomorrow morning, or the time critical products that must get delivered in a two-day timeframe across the country, our expedited freight carrier can overcome any shipping challenge to get your freight to its destination.

Urgent delivery strategies must focus on more than just loading the freight into the vehicle. It requires understanding the logistical hurdles that can slow down the delivery, needs experienced drivers who will keep freight safe and their vehicles in working order, and offers the highest levels of customer service by having clients speak directly with a knowledgeable agent. Expedited Freight provides superior transportation solutions to handle every logistical aspect so deliveries arrive on time based on the deadline and destination.

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Our logistical strategies are designed for cost-effective, fast shipments of your freight.

  • Premium Dedicated Freight Service: Vehicles are matched to shipment sizes so the right truck is used to lower business costs. Only the customer's freight is loaded on the truck to speed up the transportation process for faster point-to-point delivery.
  • Nationwide Transportation Coverage: We transport Fresno freight anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico whether it is to the neighboring cities of Visalia, Merced, Clovis, Hanford, and Modesto or to the other side of the country. For longer trips, we have team drivers at the wheel to ensure the freight keeps moving to the destination without any stops.
  • Variety of Available Transportation Vehicles: We have a 10,000+ vehicle fleet that comprises of sprinter cargo vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and tractors. This feature allows for better vehicle matching to the size of your freight.
  • Dedicated Agents Standing by: Our agents become the single point of contact and are available around the clock to answer questions, set up delivery schedules and to send out trucks to the specified destinations. They will also handle all follow-up contact and provide real time alerts regarding the shipment.
  • Instant Dispatch to the Location: Just tell Expedited Freight where the shipment is located, whether it is at a warehouse, jobsite, airport or waterway dock. We will send a vehicle out immediately as the drivers can typically pick up the freight within 2 hours after the phone call.

Expedited Freight Fresno Companies

Expedited Freight Fresno California

Whether the company has perishable food that needs to be delivered to the processing plant immediately, or a shipment of parts and equipment that has to take an overnight flight, Expedited Freight offers the reliable and trusted urgent freight delivery service for B2B customers. Call us today to receive a free quote.

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