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Expedited freight delivery provides economic advantages to Anaheim, California.

As Orange County's largest city, Anaheim CA is a tourist mecca due to the numerous restaurants, art & culture venues, vacation spots, and the entertainment found at the Disneyland Resort as well as the Anaheim Convention Center. Such an enormous tourist industry puts high demands on manufacturers to supply the products and goods that restaurants, hotels, retail stores and other shops need to please their customers. Getting items to their destinations for companies requires unique transportation methods to deal with the highway gridlock so shipments can get from point to point.

Expedited Freight Services for Anaheim CA

Expedited Freight Anaheim Anaheim's key location makes it an ideal distribution hub as shipments arrive through two major ports of call, several airports, and the extensive interstate system. ExpeditedFreight.com is the premiere expedited freight company in California as we assist businesses who have urgent and emergency freight that needs to be shipped out for same day, overnight and two-day delivery windows.

Using careful logistical planning, dedicated trucking strategies, experienced drivers and helpful agents, our company solutions are tailored to our customers' needs to provide fast transportation services at competitive and cost-effective prices. We provide expedite trucks and drivers for exclusive use.

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Expedited Freight Company Solutions

At Expedited Freight, Anaheim companies take advantage of our premiere logistical strategies.

  • Dedicated Vehicle Services: We offer sprinter cargo vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and full size tractors for exclusive use. The B2B shipment will be the only one on the truck for a faster trip. The size of the freight will be matched to the right truck to save on fuel costs.
  • Nationwide Transportation Routes: We travel anywhere in the United States, Mexico and Canada. For longer trips, we use team drivers as one person will operate the vehicle as the other driver rests. This technique ensures a non-stop trip for your freight so it reaches its destination in the quickest manner.
  • Two-Hour Pickup Windows: After a transportation order is made, the vehicles can typically pick up the freight within 2 hours after the phone call and will begin driving to the destination.
  • Dedicated Agents Available: Place your order online, or speak directly to a live agent who will become your single point of contact. They will provide answers to your important questions, timely alerts, and follow-up contact until the shipment reaches its destination.

Expedited Freight Anaheim and Orange County

The Expedited Freight transportation company's urgent transportation services are the superior commercial solution to companies in the tourism, manufacturing and retail industries.

Expedited Freight Anaheim California

We keep your shipments running smoothly no matter their size, as we handle time critical freight, emergency shipments and late shipments by providing impeccable service. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a free quote.

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