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Palo Alto Punctuality: Expedited Freight Company Palo Alto To Eliminate Any Shipping Emergency

As one of the most important cores of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is at the forefront of this country’s most important economic and technological endeavors. The city serves as headquarters for myriad innovative businesses, from the Ford Research & Innovation Center to Palantir Technologies to Tesla to HP. More than 60,000 people make their homes in Palo Alto, while thousands more rely on the city for jobs, wealth, and education. This makes it a true economic engine for northern California.

Expedited Delivery Palo Alto

Expedited Freight Palo Alto

ExpeditedFreight.com makes sure the city and all its businesses have the supplies they need for success. As an experienced expedited freight Palo Alto expert, we understand all the shipping problems that tech, engineering, and other advanced companies encounter. We leverage our massive shipping network to solve these problems, providing swift deliveries from every corner of the continent. Our goal is to keep Palo Alto at the top of its game, to the benefit of all the US.

ExpeditedFreight.com has a long history in the shipping business, both in northern California and throughout the country. During this time, we’ve seen the many things that can go wrong in the supply process. These problems are especially salient for advanced companies like the ones in Palo Alto, which work on tight schedules and rely on supplies from the most distant reaches of the continent. 

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Expedited Freight Company Palo Alto

For companies like that, even the most minor disruption can completely throw off your supply line and put your profits in jeopardy. But traffic jams, weather obstacles, and other obstructions are hard to avoid, creating massive risks for all these businesses. We specialize in shielding you from these risks.

Expedited Freight Ground Palo Alto

Our comprehensive shipping strategy keeps your goods on track at all times:

  • A Vast Network— ExpeditedFreight.com has vehicles and personnel stationed all over the continent, from Mexico to Canada to every corner of the United States. This allows us to begin shipping from virtually any starting point without skipping a beat. When you request our services, we’ll review our network and find the vehicles closest to your starting point. Typically, they’ll be two hours away or less, and there will be a wide selection of vans, trucks, and trailers. We’ll select the vehicle that most closely matches the volume of goods you need us to carry, so that we can complete the job in one trip without charging you for space you don’t use. The truck will head straight to your starting point, load your goods, and set out for Palo Alto at the best possible speed.
  • A Reliable Team— We select only the best driver in the business, weighing each applicant based on their skills, their experience, their commitment to safety, and their courtesy to clients. We also make sure that our drivers have extensive knowledge of the communities they’re stationed in so they’ll have no trouble navigating to your starting point. When fulfilling a more distant order, we send these drivers in teams of two, instructing them to alternate equitably between rest and work. By alternating, the drivers are able to keep the vehicle on the road night and day, yet each remains rested enough to work responsibly. In this way, we fulfill our commitment to speed and safety.
  • A Dedicated Strategy— ExpeditedFreight.com is a dedicated trucking company. This means that when we assign a truck to your order, that truck doesn’t carry anything other than your goods until the delivery is complete. This strategy means that we can plan the most direct route to your destination, and don’t need to build in side trips to other clients’ destinations along the way. Thus, not only will we be fully focused on your needs, but your goods will arrive as soon as is legally possible to get them there.
  • A Prudent Plan— To further speed up the delivery process, we plan each delivery in detail. Our Palo Alto team has extensive knowledge of the Bay Area, and knows which routes are the most reliable and rapid at each time of the day. Similarly, the drivers know the area you’re shipping from, and can choose the best routes around and out of there. In selecting routes, we don’t just consider physical length of each set of roads. We also take into account traffic patterns along the way, as well as the likelihood that we’ll encounter harsh weather, roadblocks, or any other obstacle.
  • A Watchful Eye— While our trucks are on the way to Palo Alto, we use advanced tracking devices to monitor them and the roads ahead. Should we see any new obstacles, be they rain, wind, potholes, or traffic jams, we’ll guide our drivers around them and keep the order on track.
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Expedited Freight Palo Alto, California

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