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Irvine In Motion: Premium Shipping Solutions From The Leading Expedited Freight Company Irvine

Located in Orange County within the orbit of Los Angeles, Irvine is an economic and technological powerhouse. The city is most famous as a center of semiconductor production, a distinction that makes it critical to the tech industry not just in California, but across the United States and all over the world.

Combined with other advanced tech, engineering, and manufacturing fields, this semiconductor industry provides a constant source of jobs and wealth to the people of Irvine and all of the Los Angeles area.

Expedited Delivery Irvine, California

Expedited Freight Irvine

Swift shipping is required to supply Irvine businesses and keep the jobs and wealth flowing, and swift shipping is ExpeditedFreight.com's speciality. As an expedited shipping expert, we provide Irvine and other thriving communities with rapid, reliable services that are carefully calibrated to local needs. We ship goods of all stripes from any origin, allowing you to obtain even the rarest parts at the drop of a hat.

Expedited services are for when things go wrong. While your typical supply line may meet your needs 99 percent of the time, every now and then, you’re likely to have a shipping mishap. Perhaps your shippers hit traffic, which doesn’t clear for hours and thus disrupts the entire production process. Maybe they find the road they usually take is too damaged for safe shipping or has been closed for repairs. Another possibility is that harsh weather gets in their way— a common experience when shipping in a state with as many climates as California has.

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Expedited Freight Company Irvine

ExpeditedFreight.com knows what to do when things go wrong. As an expedited freight company Irvine, we spend our time planning for the worst, and have amassed the resources, experience, and plans to save the situation. With us by your side, you can always get critical supplies in time to keep your company on track.

Expedited Freight Ground Irvine

The centerpiece of our strategy is our drivers. We painstakingly select each member of our team, making sure prospective drivers have the skills, experience, awareness, and attitude for excellence. Each of our drivers has extensive knowledge of the communities where they’re stationed, and are prepared to quickly chart a course from those communities to Irvine or any other destination. These reliable drivers provide a solid foundation for our success.

ExpeditedFreight.com recruits these drivers in every major city in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We also keep sprinter vans, straight trucks, and trailers stationed in all those locations. In this way, we have assembled a delivery network that allows for easy access to any starting point in North America. When you request a delivery, we’ll select a vehicle that’s two hours away from your starting point or less, and that has a payload capacity closely calibrated to the volume of what you’re shipping. We’ll send this vehicle directly to your starting point, where the drivers will load up your goods before making their way to your destination.

When staffing longer deliveries, Expedited Freight requires two drivers to operate each truck:

  • This policy ensures that should the vehicle run into an obstacle or have trouble along the way, they’ll never have to deal with that problem alone.
  • This team driving strategy also means that our drivers have an opportunity to sleep while on the road— each driver takes turns resting and working, alternating regularly so that neither has to work more than the other.
  • This way, our drivers remain fully alert throughout the delivery, and can finish the job safely.
  • But because there’s always another driver to take over, we don’t have to stop the vehicle overnight, further cutting down on delivery times.
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ExpeditedFreight.com | Irvine, CA

ExpeditedFreight.com leaves as little as possible to chance. To that end, we plan each of our deliveries meticulously, taking care to factor in everything that might affect delivery speed or reliability. We start by narrowing down our delivery routes to those that connect the starting point and the destination as directly as possible. We then consider factors besides physical directness that affect travel time, including weather, road quality, and traffic at the relevant time of the day. By balancing these factors, we can select a route with minimal risk of delay, so that you’ll get your goods on time no matter when we’re shipping.

Expedited Freight Irvine, California

Once our trucks are on their way, we use advanced tracking devices to monitor their location and speed. We then look ahead to the rest of the route and pay attention to signs of delay. If there’s a problem, we’ll contact the drivers and let them know how to avoid it, keeping the truck on track no matter what.

ExpeditedFreight.com is committed to rapid, reliable shipping in Irvine and across the country. To learn more or request a free quote, give us a call today.

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