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San Antonio's core industries benefit from express freight shipping services.

Providing a good economic landscape in San Antonio allows Texas businesses to offer job opportunities while contributing resources to a prosperous community. Top industries here in the region include aerospace, new energy, advanced manufacturing, biosciences, and information technology & cyber security. Whether offering products or services to other companies or the public, these operations need commercial freight shipped to various warehouses, business partners, vendors and facilities for their operations.

Expedited Carrier Services for All Urgent Freight

Expedited Freight San Antonio

Expedited Freight San Antonio provides rush express freight shipping to companies across the city of San Antonio. We move B2B freight to commercial locations, including heavy machinery to construction sites, just-in-time and goods-in progress parts to manufacturing plants, finished products to warehouses, and time-sensitive materials to facilities. If a customer has a shipment that must reach its destination that same day, overnight or during the next day, our expedited freight company San Antonio will get it there.

Raw materials, half-finished goods, and replacement equipment simply can't wait for ordinary supply chain processes to send the shipments out to specified locations. Instead, this freight requires specialized priority transportation services so that the shipments arrive in the fastest time. Here at Expedited Freight, we handle all types of urgent and rush shipments, even single crates and large material's handling machinery. We move these shipments across the country, as well as into Canada and Mexico, for commercial businesses.

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Shipments that benefit from our dedicated carrier services include:

  • Emergency freight
  • Time sensitive/time critical freight
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) freight
  • Late shipments
  • Urgent shipments

Ground and Air Expedited Delivery San Antonio

Shipping freight through San Antonio requires specialized express delivery services to enhance a company's existing logistical strategies. Expedited Freight San Antonio can complete the work from start to finish. We will pick up the shipment and deliver it anywhere that is requested no matter the distance without any cross docking or transfers. Our agents are available around the clock to take transportation orders and to dispatch drivers. In addition, we have fast freight pickup times, as drivers will arrive within 2 hours -- based on the distance -- to pick up the shipment.

Expedited Freight Ground San Antonio

Advantages to our ground and air cargo expedited carrier services:

  • Exclusive Use Vehicles: Every vehicle is for exclusive use. We provide freight matching services so customers get the right size vehicle based on the size of the freight: sprinter cargo vans, large straight trucks, small straight trucks and tractors. Only their freight is loaded as the shipment is immediately transported to the destination.
  • Nationwide Carrier Fleet: We move freight to any location in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Our drivers will provide same day, overnight and next day freight delivery depending on the pickup and drop off locations. For longer distances, we use team drivers who operate the vehicle in shifts as the other driver rests so that the freight never stops moving down the road until reaching the destination.
  • Consolidated Air Cargo: Freight that has to go longer distances yet must reach the destination in the shortest time can take advantage of our consolidated freight services. We place the shipment on a scheduled consolidated flight to the destination airport. Then our drivers make the final delivery.
  • Air Charter: Let Expedited Freight book a private pilot and plane for emergency and time critical shipments. This exclusive option is the fastest transportation method that we can provide.
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Expedited Delivery San Antonio

Expedited Freight Air San Antonio

Get your commercial shipment out to its destination by using Expedited Freight's B2B dedicated carrier services for San Antonio businesses. We are available day and night to take the freight to any location in the country. Contact us today to learn more.

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