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Wichita Falls keeps B2B freight moving to destinations with expedited trucking solutions.

When looking at the city of Wichita Falls, many different industries make up its economic landscape. The top industry is defense due to the nearby Sheppard Air Force base. Healthcare, aerospace, and agriculture rounds out the top industries list. What all of these companies have in common is the need to move shipments between different locations for their operations or for their commercial business partners that same day, overnight or the next day.

Expedited Delivery Services

Expedited Freight Wichita Falls

When having to satisfy tight supply chain schedules, companies turn to Expedited Freight Wichita Falls for the best logistical solutions. We are expedited LTL and full truckload carriers for businesses as we deliver anywhere in the United States, as well as in Mexico and Canada.

Companies sometimes can't control when shipments will need to be moved to and from operations. Emergency equipment may need to be delivered to the factory production floor immediately to prevent a shutdown when there are mechanical failures. Late shipments may have to arrive at operations from different warehouse locations so workers can complete tasks. When rush delivery tactics are required, turn to an experienced expedited freight company Wichita Falls to get the items throughout Texas and across the country.

It doesn't matter to us whether a company has to move a full truckload of palletized freight or a single crate of products. We will get the shipment to its destination using our reliable ground and air transportation options.

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Shipments that our company handles will include:

  • Time sensitive freight
  • Late shipments
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) freight
  • Time critical freight
  • Emergency and urgent shipments

Dedicated Ground and Air Cargo Services

With Expedited Freight Wichita Falls, we provide expert point-to-point ground and air freight transportation services. We are available around the clock, 24/7, to take a company's delivery orders. Our agents will become the single point of contact to handle all of a customer's logistical needs.

Expedited Freight Ground Wichita Falls

Our ground services include:

  • Truck and Van Shipment Fleet: With sprinter cargo vans, small/large straight trucks, and tractors, we will pick up the freight within two hours after a customer calls for services. The truck or van will be for exclusive use as only the customer's freight will be loaded. Then it will take a nonstop trip to the destination. For longer distances, team drivers will work together as they will take rest breaks in the moving vehicle.
  • Shipment Matching: To lower transportation costs and to give customers the right vehicle, we match the size of the shipment to the truck or van. So customers get the vehicle they need without it being too large or too small.

Our air expedited services include:

  • Consolidated Air: Looking for faster expedited delivery services that we provide? Consolidated scheduled air cargo solutions will fly the shipment out as our drivers will be waiting to make the final delivery.
  • Booked Charter: The fastest delivery services that we provide are booked air charter. We hire a pilot and book a charter plane to only fly the customer's freight to the destination. This option is suitable for emergency freight, time-critical freight and late shipments that must arrive in the shortest time possible. Then our reliable drivers will load it up in the waiting vehicle and arrive at the destination location.
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Expedited Delivery Wichita Falls

Expedited Freight Air Wichita Falls

When a rush shipment has to get out on the road for same day, overnight or next day arrival, contact Expedited Freight. Our dedicated drivers and reliable agents will work to give your company the fastest logistical solutions based on your supply chains and deadlines. Reach out to our express delivery freight company today for a free quote.

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