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Flint, Michigan companies use expedited freight carrier services for B2B shipments.

The city of Flint in Michigan has a diverse economic landscape throughout the region. While the automotive industry was a main factor to the city's prosperity in the past, it has given way to manufacturing, construction and healthcare sectors as these companies are major contributors today to build up a growing workforce. All these businesses ship products and provide services to both commercial clients and the general public. When shipping freight to different locations, Flint companies turn toward the superior logistical capabilities offered by Expedited Freight.

Expedited Delivery Flint

Expedited Freight Flint

Expedited Freight Flint provides dedicated carrier services to business in all industries when they have B2B shipments that require immediate delivery. We offer express point-to-point ground and air transportation services so company operations can obtain the products, palletized freight, small equipment and industrial machinery that they require. Get shipments to destinations for same day and overnight delivery.

Whether your shipping crates or palletized freight across the town to another warehouse location, or large components to another city across the country, our expedited freight company Flint has the logistical strategies suitable to fully leverage your supply chain capabilities.

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Our services include:

  • Ground Transportation: When hot shot trucking services is all that is required, we have the dedicated carrier fleet and experienced drivers to get the shipment moving down the road. Our vehicle lineup includes large freight tractors, large straight trucks, smaller straight trucks and even sprinter vans. We can carry loads from 2,000-lbs to 44,000-lbs.
  • Exclusive Use Vehicles: We supply both the vehicle and the drivers for exclusive use when requesting expedited delivery Flint. They will drive to the pickup location within 2 hours and then make the nonstop trip to the delivery destination. If it will be a long haul trip, two drivers will be with the truck or van as they will take rest breaks in the vehicle.
  • Courier Door-to-Door and Airport-to-Airport Services: On some occasions, the transportation of the shipment will only need partial services. You may only require our drivers to take it to the airport so the shipment can go on an international flight, or you may request the shipment to be picked up at the railway or maritime port. Our expedited freight company Flint can provide first mile and last mile delivery services to commercial locations and distribution hubs.
  • Air Freight Charter Services: For shipments that have to take to the skies, we also offer air charter services to get the shipment to the commercial location in time. Select from consolidated air cargo services or exclusive air charter booking. We will have the air carrier ready and the shipment loaded using our professional staff.

Superior Dedicated Carrier Services

At Expedited Freight Flint, we are always ready to take your transportation order. Our agents are available around the clock, even at night, to help you make the best logistical strategy selection as drivers will be dispatched immediately to pick up the shipment. In addition, you'll always get the right vehicle to handle the job as we use a freight matching system that takes into consideration the size of the shipment. Then we match the shipment's size and place it on the right vehicle. So your company will always have the vehicle that can handle the job without any problems.

Expedited Freight Flint Michigan

As a hot shot trucking company since 2007, our company works hard to become the leading transportation carrier in the nation. With our vast fleet of vehicles, dedicated customer service options and trusted staff, we ensure that companies will always get their freight on time based on their schedule. Reach out to the Expedited Freight company today to learn more about our services and vehicle lineup, or to request a quote.

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